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Welcome to Bridgestone EMIA

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Bridgestone airless tyre at the CES

Bridgestone reveals airless tyres at ces 2020

Bridgestone made its first-ever appearance at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on 7-10 January 2020. CES, an annual trade show, is a significant platform for global companies, organisations and pioneers to share brand-new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. As a first-time participant, we were proud to reveal the cutting-edge mobility solutions we’re currently working on, including airless tyres. 

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Bridgestone’s airless bike tyres on a bike.

Bridgestone develops airless bike tyres

Bridgestone Corporation in partnership with Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. applied its “Air Free Concept” to develop airless bike tyres. These revolutionary bike tyres are a tremendous step forward in transforming the conventional bike tyres of today to complementing bikes of tomorrow.

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Ecovadis, our way to serve and the sustainable supply chain: Bridgestone's journey to sustain 2019

In October 2018, Bridgestone Europe was awarded the Gold rating by globally-recognised corporate social responsibility (CSR) assessor, EcoVadis. Progressing from the Silver award, this was a monumental moment not only for Bridgestone Europe, but for the entire corporation and its standing as a sustainable business – especially if we look back at how things have changed in recent years.

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Pine tree forest

The World's Most Important to do List

Climate change; urbanisation; the diminishing of natural resources; the loss of natural habitats and species. These are just some of the global challenges facing us all in today’s world.

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This photograph is an aerial view of a highway taken at a low shutter speed to create an artistic look of vehicle lights on a highway.

Behind the wheel with Laurent Dartoux

In an ever-changing industry, Bridgestone is moving from its roots as a premium tyre manufacturer to a mobility solutions leader. One of the pioneers behind the scenes is the Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Bridgestone EMEA, Laurent Dartoux. We spoke with Dartoux to learn more about his role, the current projects he’s working on and how Bridgestone is already incorporating the latest innovations to spearhead change in the industry.

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Bridgestone’s Tyre of the Future: Virtually Developed, Energy Efficient and Lighter

Bridgestone’s Tyre of the Future: Virtually Developed, Energy Efficient and Lighter

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An EMIA business in rapid transformation

To meet the needs of a changing world, Bridgestone EMIA is evolving from premium tyre producer to leader in mobility solutions.

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Our Bridgestone EMIA strengths

Our talent

We employ over 22,000 people across EMIA, including the industry's leading chemists, engineers and data scientists.

Our Customer Base

We have a dedicated and growing customer base of drivers, fleets and dealers, and we are the partner of choice for several major consumer and commercial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across EMIA.

Retail & Distribution Network

Our expanding retail network is composed of more than 6,500 retail outlets. We are servicing our customers across Europe in 24 hours or less.

Manufacturing Network

We have a network of 17 tyre plants across EMIA, using the latest technologies to deliver premium products.

Research & Development

Located in Rome, our European R&D Centre and Proving Ground form the focal point of product and solution development in EMIA.

Expanding Solutions Business

Our digital transformation journey is supported by the development of cutting edge digital solutions and the acquisition of TomTom Telematics, renamed Webfleet Solutions.

Our regional EMIA offices

R&D centre

The Bridgestone essence

The Bridgestone Group's mission is based on the words of its founder: "Serving Society with Superior Quality." To fulfill this mission, Bridgestone Group has used the concept of "foundation" to demonstrate the sustained commitment of employees to provide its customers with world class products and services and to serve the communities where Bridgestone does business.

Shojiro Ishibashi
Our mission is to serve society with superior quality – not only through our products, services and technology, but in everything we do as a business.
Shojiro Ishibashi, Founder of Bridgestone Corporation

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